Approaching 1000 competitors

News - by eli, 17 March 2011 7:32 PM


By may 31st, closing deadline for ordianry entries, more than 900 competitors were registered for MG 2011. Mens elite, H 21, is the biggest category with more than 90 participants.


We have the pleasure to offer boat transport across the fiord from Malangen Brygger to race venue 1,2 and 4. We have a limited capacity with boats for 6/12 persons. The journey takes about 10 minutes + 10 minutes walking, while for driving around Malangen by car you will need 40 minutes. We recommend boat for those staying at Sand/Malangen Brygger/Meistervik area. Price: NOK 75


You may join a midnight sun cruise in Malangen with the former  safeguard boat Bishop Hvoslef.   Midnightsun cruise take place Wednesday, 29.06 24.00 to 30.6 03.00 from Malangen Brygger. Seefishing options. Capasity 30 personer.  Minimum15 persons for the cruise to take place. The price is 475 NOK pr person which includes a seefish soup wtih bread  Sale of  mineral  water and beers on board. Order with


2 hours seecruises take place  28., 29.juni og 1. juli from  11. o’clock from Malangen Brygger. Seefishing. Price 375 NOK pr person, which includes fishsoup with bread served. Capasity 30 persons. Minimum 15.  Order with


Cabins/Private accomodation is now available close to race venue 1/2/4.    6 cabins are available. Prices from 200/250 pers/night. Contakt Widar Skogan for further information.


 Bus transport is available between Tromsø Airport – Malangen on monday 27th (evening/night) and return on friday 1th (after race 4). Those in need of transport must contact

Price: aproximately 100 NOK (Simple fare)

 There will also be transport from to race 3 on June 30th. Price: 200 NOK (Return), Those interestes should contact



The map that will be used for 3 events in MG2011, was originally made for the Nordic Championship in 1984. The o-entusiast Arnulf Eide from Storsteinnes chose  the terrain. The map covers an area of 48 sqkm and consists of typical terrain for the northern part of Norway, mainly pure nature from the shore to the mountains.

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Famous “ambassador”

News - by eli, 7 March 2011 10:46 PM

The best orienteering-ambassador ever, Thierry Gueorgiou, has made himself an MG2011-“ambassador”.  In several interviews he has proclaimed the terrain and map in Malangen as one of his favourites, and the NOM-map is one of two he has chosen to put on his wall at home. Read more »

Old timers

News - by eli, 5 March 2011 1:31 PM

In 1984 the Nordic Championship (NOM) was organized in the same terrain as 3 of the races in MG2011. Norway won the overall, but all the competitors were very pleased with the o-tecnical challenges in the fast terrain. At that time the map was the biggest orienteeringmap in the world, nearly 50 scqkm.

Both juniors and seniors partcipated in the championship, with top orienteers as Tore Sagvolden, Annichen Kringstad, Anne Berit Eid, Jorunn Teigen and Morten Berglia amongst them.

Some of these top runners have already made their entry, for instance Heikki Peltola who then competed in M21 and Annaritta Kottonen in W21. Keijo Parkinen was in M 19-20 then, is it the same man who has made his entry in H21 this summer? Eli Charlotte Nordmo participated in W19-20, this summer she will represent Mellembygd o-lag. We have also heard that more of the runners from 1984 want to come to orienteer in this very nice terrain.

440 entries by february 1st

News - by magnus, 21 February 2011 9:55 PM

By february 1st we’ve registered 440 entries, a number we’re really pleased with. For the summer we hope to go beyond 1000 participants.

Entries are done here


News - by magnus, 9:51 PM

Due to a limited number of available beds we strongly recommend all participants that need accomodation to contact us as soon as possible. Nordby Handelssted and Folkehøgskolen 69. Nord are allready fully booked.

Travelling from Stockholm?

With departure on june 27th, from Stockholm, you have the opportunity to join a O-tour that includes Midnattsolgaloppen 2011. For more info check

Welcome to Midnattsolgaloppen 2011

News - by magnus, 22 November 2010 9:30 PM

BUL-Tromsø Orientering and Storsteinnes IL Orientering welcomes you to the traditional Midnattsolgaloppen (Fjord-o Arctic 2011) – more than 500 km north of the polar circle – in the Tromsø region. Fjord-o Arctic is organized from June 28th until July 1st.