No Midnattsolgalopp in 2015 !

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Sorry to announce that there will be no Midnattsolgalopp in 2015.

We are working for The Midnattsolgaloppen 2017.

Welcome then!

We will recommend the Nordland 3-days in Bodø-area 19.-21. of June 2015.

Forgotten something?

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Thank you all for participating in this year’s edition of Midnattsolgaloppen.

The picture below shows some clothes left in Harstad. In addition some umbrellas, an EMIT-chip, a small box containing an EMIT-chip and a compass was left behind. If you have forgotten, and recognise some of the clothes in the picture below please contact to have it returned.


Restday 1st July

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SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAHåvard Lucassen won the second day of Midnattsolgaloppen in category Men21-.
He told us that his race was nearly perfect, only some seconds lost. His tecnique; to look forward and run at a high speed is very convenient in this kind of terrain, and he would like to have possibilities to do that more often!

In womens  category, D21, Gøril Rønning Sund lost much time when she was missing one of the controls, but admitted that the winner,  Kaisa Pirkonen from Kuopion Suunnistajat, would have beaten her anyway. Gøril is better than her in the overall, but Emma Johansson is the best because she has two good races by now.

All the  4 races count in the overall result!

It is still possible to join the sailing-tour with “Anna Rogde” tonight. It starts from the harbour at the Clarion hotel/ the Culture house a 6 p.m.  It is a sailingtrip for 3 hours, and costs 200 kkr pr person. Be there at 17.30 if you haven’t bought tickets earlier.

Change of startingorder race 3 and 4

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There are made a few changes regarding the startingorder in the last two races. We ask that all competitors check the startinglist published here on the web, and on posters at the arena. If there is a mismatch between the time printed on your startnumber ant the list, the time in the list applies.

The second day of Midnattsolgaloppen Fjord-o-arctic 2013

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EVENTSThe course-setters are now putting out the last controls for todays event.
NB! There are several bib-numbers with wrong starting times on it! Please check the starting list for each day to be sure that you have the right starting time!!

Start 1 and start 2 is located on the same point as yesterday.

34 children participated in “Barnegaloppen”, and they were in activity for a long time. They draw maps, ran labyrint-orienteering, found 50 controls in  the woods, ran photo-orienteering and had also a quiz-course.
Tonight there will be 5 new courses/activities.

The weather forecast is cloudy during the day and sunny in the evening. Perfect!

Last minutes

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Bamse m mglue534 participants in Midnattsolgaloppen 2013, and the sun is shining! And by now it is most participants in the first race.
Some news; Because of some bugs in the system it will only be start every second minute, but all the runners will be out by 8 p.m.
Unfortunately the sami family couldn’t come to the arena.
The children who shall participate in “Barnegaloppen” can start from 17.30.
The MG-cap was originally worn by the overall organizer for MG. From the start in 1967 it was usually 4 clubs organizing one race each, with one leader in each club. But now the MG-cap is also given to good ambassadeurs for MG. Examples are Per Rekkedal – Bodø, Börje Vartiainen – Kalevan Rasti, Bengt Peterson – Varberg, Ellinor Nordmo – Mellembygd.
This year we give out4 MG-caps during the overall prizegiving ceremony the last day in Harstad.  The question is; Who will get the MG-cap this time?

Nice things to do in Sørreisa and Harstad

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There are lots to see and do in the Sørreisa and Harstad-areas. Look here for a brochure for Midt-Troms og Senja. Look for Touristinformation here
and for Harstad here.

In  Sørreisa you may go hiking to the biggest stone-valley in northern Europe, Gumpedalen, paddle a cannoe in Reisvatnet, or go hiking in the mountains. The hiking routes can be found on And the island Senja is fantastic when the weather is good.

In Harstad you can join a cruise with the sailingship Anna Rogde, go to see Trondernes Historic center and Trondernes church. Hikingroutes on

The Cruise monday of July will be arranged

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As of now there are enough interrested participants for the cruise.
The capacity of the ship is however not yet filled up, so it is still possible for further interrested to take part. Use the contact-info published earlier.

Cruise – Last minute sign-up possible

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The deadline for sign-up for the cruise monday of July is postponed to thursday of June.
As of now there too few registered participants for the criuse according to the lower limit.
If there are more interrested please hurry to sign up per e-mail to
If there are any quiestions regarding the cruise please consult the ‘activities’-link, or give Tommy Jenssen a call at +47 992 32 248.

Fjord-O-arctic Midnattsolgaloppen with element of sami culture.

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rein01Fjord-O-arctic will be organized in an area for reindeer-grazing. In wintertime the reindeers will graze in our competition area, and actually it was disturbed by some of our orienteerers on the second training for the year, in May! (Read on …)

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