Map day 1 & 2:
“Skudenes”, 2013, scale 1: 10 000 and 5 meter contour interval. Parts of the map will be reissued in 2018.

Map day 3 & 4:
“Korlevoll”, scale 1:10 000/ 1:7500 and 5 meter contour interval. Reissued with laser curves in 2006.


 The terrain:

Day 1:   Middle distance. Hiking area with many paths. Small hills with marshes, planted forest and some heather moors. Varying runability.

Day 2:   Long distance. Small hills with many details, open heather moors and some planted forest. Varying runability.

Day 3:   Long distance.  Changing between slanting hillside, small hills and some slightly hillier. Open marshes, some birch thickets in higher area and birch and pine forest in lower areas. Generally good runability.

Day 4:    Middle Distance. Small hills, many details, slanting hillsides, birch forest and pines. Open marches.